This year, we launched all-new water-efficient shower heads featuring 2.0 and 1.75 GPM flow rates. In fact, nearly every Speakman fixed and handheld shower head will now be available in these options. On the surface, that may not seem all that revolutionary. Every plumbing manufacturer offers water-saving shower heads, right? Well, the answer is both yes and no.

See at Speakman, our team of engineers honed in on thermal retention, spray force and coverage to create an eco-friendly assortment that would save water without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Our engineers and product designers were not satisfied with simply saving water – we wanted to create fixtures that would still deliver a truly satisfying experience. We like to call it “The Speakman Difference.”

Improved Thermal Retention

It’s our fancy way of saying our sprays will retain their temperature longer as they travel from the shower head to your body. So why is that important? Well, for starters, it just feels better. Water droplets that retain heat longer provide a more fulfilling shower experience.

More importantly, thermal retention dramatically consumes less energy. Meaning, you’re less likely to turn the water up if the sprays retain heat. At the moment, there’s no standard in the US that measures thermal retention, but we actually test our shower heads against the Austrailian/New Zealand Standard – and we passed with flying colors.

Spray Force

It’s all a bit technical, but WaterSense established a spray force standard that every shower head must meet. But if we’re being honest, we thought we could do a little better than simply meeting those requirements. So our team of engineers developed unique spray engines that infuse energy and velocity into each and every spray.

Instead of fussing around with air-infused droplets or restricting water flow, our spray engines partner with our patented plunger system to deliver streams that conserve water while far exceeding force requirements. As water enters through select shower heads, our engines begin propelling, creating intense, pulsating sprays that are exceptionally powerful.

Consistent Coverage

When we studied other low flow shower heads, we noticed gaps in spray coverage. They do this to mask the notion of water savings. At Speakman, we define a great shower as one that delivers an immersive, drenching experience. Spray coverage is crucial to that.

Our engineers obsess over the placement of every spray. Each nozzle on every Speakman Shower Head has been specifically placed to ensure not a single stream intersects. Additionally, we measure spray radius using annular gauges to provide complete and consistent coverage.

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