Speakman Sentinel Mark II Exposed Shower


SKU: S-1497-LH


• Includes an extended shower arm for a drenching, rain experience
• Features a pressure balance valve that protects protects bathers from scalding water
• Compatible with S-2762 and S-2763 Speakman Rain Shower Heads
• Shower heads sold separately
• Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty

The Speakman Sentinel Mark II Exposed Shower has been engineered to deliver a complete and versatile bathing experience in both indoor and outdoor environments. Featuring an extended, exposed shower arm that’s compatible with any Speakman Rain Shower Head – this fixture optimizes water flow to deliver an authentic, rain-like experience. This shower system includes a pressure balance valve that protects bathers from spontaneous spikes in pressure, which could result in scalding hot water. The Sentinel Mark II’s vandal-resistant single lever handle was designed to endure endless operation with ease. This entire shower system is constructed entirely of brass to offer unrivaled durability and longevity.


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