Speakman Rainier Shower Diverter Valve and Trim


SKU: SM-8400-P


• Solid brass shower valve
• Plastic wall plate with metal lever handles
• Equipped with adjustable temperature limit stop to control maximum temperature setting
• Integral stops allow water shut off for servicing valve
• Includes rough-in template & 1/2″ pipe plug

The Rainier Pressure Balance Diverter Valve and Trim features a bold, square frame that has been precision engineered to enhance your shower experience. The solid brass diverter shower valve protects you from spontaneous spikes in pressure, ensuring water temperature remains consistent throughout your shower. An adjustable temperature limit stop allows you to set your maximum temperature, preventing scalding-hot water to be delivered. Trim plate is available in Polished Chrome to flawlessly coordinate with every fixture in the Rainier Collection.



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