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Speakman Neo VS-123010-BN 2.5 gpm Hand Shower with Shower Head

VS-123010-BN Category

• Features Neo™ Collection fixed and hand shower head for showering with adjustable hand shower for ADA convenience
• Equipped with Anystream® 360° technology, allowing an infinite rotation of the shower heads to effortlessly switch between diverse spray patterns
• Easy to use diverter allows effortless interchangeability between fixtures
• Includes 24 in. ADA grab bar and 60 in. metal hose for hand shower adjustability
• Easily installs into standard U.S. plumbing systems
• Same quality grade as used in hotels

Showcasing all the luxury of Speakman’s fixed showerhead plus a Handshower with slide bar for added convenience, the new Neo Collection Anystream ADA Slide Bar Combination Shower System upholds the Speakman hotel showerhead legacy with an added safety feature. Containing an ADA grab bar, the VS-123010 easily transforms any bathroom showerhead installation to a full-feature, ADA compliant shower system.
Demonstrating Speakman’s high engineering standards of quality, each shower head utilizes 8 patents per shower engine. The plungers resist hard water sediment buildup, making them easy to clean. Equipped with Speakman’s patented Anystream technology, each shower head combination unit offers multiple invigorating sprays. By simply rotating the faceplate, the showerhead’s spray pattern transitions through forceful full-body coverage, center pulsating massage spray, or a combination of both. A chrome-plated solid brass pop-up diverter (VS-111) allows the user to easily switch between use of the fixed showerhead to the Handshower. For added safety, this unit features a 24 inch, ADA approved slide bar that provides sturdy support while allowing the Handshower to be adjusted according to height. The Handshower with a 60 inch no-tangle hose mount easily to the slide bar and both showerheads are equipped with 2.5 gallons per minute flow controls.
Handshower combination units offer customizable usage for the entire family. With its sleek, modern design, this shower system pairs well with any of Neo’s bathroom faucets or fixture accessories sets.


Brushed Nickel

Flow Rate

2.5 GPM


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