Speakman Neo Hand Shower with Shower Head


SKU: VS-113010


The Neo Collection Anystream Wall Mounted Combination Shower System features a modern fixed shower head with Handshower as a combination shower unit. An extension of the hotel shower legacy, the Neo combination unit offers 8 Speakman patents per shower engine. Equipped with Speakman’s patented plunger system which exerts water with more energy and patented Anystream 360˚ technology, the user can enjoy the versatility of forceful full-body coverage and center pulsating massage streams from either the fixed showerhead or the Handshower with a simple rotation of the showerhead’s faceplate. The chrome-plated solid brass shower diverter allows an easy switch between the showerheads. The Handshower, with its 60 inch no-tangle hose, mounts easily to the wall bracket. Integrating two showers into one efficient combination system, Speakman’s combination shower units offer several advantages to your bathroom. Featuring the sharp, modern design of Neo, this system perfectly complements any Neo bathroom faucet or fixture accessories set.


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