Speakman Napa Hand Shower with Shower Head


SKU: VS-112007


The Anystream Wall Mounted Combination Shower System features two individually adjustable massage showerheads with a universally classic look. Through Speakman’s patented Anystream 360˚ technology, one is able to enjoy the versatility of drenching gentle rain, full-body coverage, or pulsating central massage spray from either the fixed or Handshower by a simple rotation of the faceplate. The solid brass shower diverter allows easy transition from use of the fixed showerhead or the Handshower. The Handshower, with its 60″ no-tangle hose, hangs freely and can mount easily to the wall bracket. Integrating two showers into one efficient combination shower system, Speakman’s Anystream Massage Shower System combination units offer several advantages to your bathroom, including customizable usage for the entire family. Embodying a classically timeless design, this system perfectly complements any of Speakman’s bathroom faucets or fixture accessories sets.


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