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Speakman HW-4400 Portable Hand Wash Station

HW-4400 Category

• Gravity operated hand wash station
• 9 gallon capacity tank
• Pull-down activation
• Not to be used for cooking or drinking
• Recommended to be used in conjunction with soap dispenser
• Weight approximately 100lbs. When full

The Speakman HW-4400 Portable Hand Wash Station is designed to provide the ultimate solution to locations in need of a hand wash that do not have access to a running water source. The Portable Hand Wash Sation features a 9 gallon tank capable of providing 15 minutes of water flow. With the ablity to be shelf, table or wall-mounted this portable hand wash station can be placed practically anywhere on a work-site or work-truck!



Flow Rate

0.4 GPM for 15+ minutes



Product Type

Portable Hand Wash




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