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Speakman GravityFlo SE-4380 Portable Eyewash & Transportation Cart

SE-4380 Category

• Gravity operated eyewash
• 20-gallon capacity tank
• Includes transportation cart and collection bucket
• Elastomeric pull-strap activator
• Shelf or wall mounted design

The Speakman GravityFlo SE-4380 Portable Eyewash and Transportation Cart includes every necessary item needed to ensure your workplace is compliant with codes and standards. This emergency station includes a 20-gallon portable eyewash that operates for 15 continuous minutes the comply with ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standards. This unit features a collection bucket to make testing and activation easy and clean. The transportation cart allows you to effortlessly move the eyewash anywhere on your worksite – allowing for optimal placement in hazardous locations.



Flow Rate

20 GPM @ 30 PSI



Product Type

Portable Eyewash




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