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Speakman Eyesaver Classic SEF-1800-CA-BO Eyewash Faucet

SEF-1800-CA-BO Category

• Faucet with integrated eyewash
• Lead free bras construction
• Dual aerated spray heads with flip top caps
• Eyewash is pull handle activated
• ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 Certified

Speakman Eyesaver combination eyewashes and laboratory faucets are a revolutionary exclusive Speakman product with a unique design that combines a fully functional gooseneck faucet with an independently operated eyewash. This patented design incorporates two separate water channels in the faucet body, one for the eyewash and the other for the faucet. A simple pull activates the eyewash and delivers a safe water temperature to the eyes each and every time. The faucet always remains functional. The Speakman Eyesaver Classic SEF-1800-CA-BO Eyewash Faucet is a two handle widespread, chrome-plated gooseneck faucet with integral eyewash featuring two aerated spray outlets and 0.5 gpm faucet flow outlet. The SEF-1800-CA-BO is compliant to the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standard.


Polished Chrome

Flow Rate

2.8 GPM @ 30 PSI



Product Type

Eyewash/Faucet Combination




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