Speakman CPV-T2-PXE Sentinel Mark II Thermostatic Shower Valve




• Shower Valve with PEX F1960 Cold Expansion Connections
• Blends hot and cold water to prevent thermal shock
• Adjustable temperature limit stop
• Durable, solid brass body
• Integral spring check stops
• ASME A112.18.1/CSA/ B125.1 and ASSE 1016 Certified

The Speakman Sentinel Mark II CPV-T2-PXE Thermostatic Shower Valve uses thermostatic technology to blend hot and cold water perfectly ensuring a constant and safe temperature is delivered. The thermostatic element delivers superior protection against scalding. The CPV-T2-PXE model features PEX F1960 cold-expansion inlet connections. Speakman thermostatic valves feature solid brass bodies with integral stops allowing for water shut off for valve maintenance. The valves also include temperature limit stops which allow the user to set a maximum temperature level. Speakman Sentinel Mark II Thermostatic Valves are ASSE 1016 certified to perform at flow rates as low as 1.35 GPM, making these valves ideal for use with low flow shower heads down to 1.5 GPM.


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