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Speakman ALM3-C1D2 Explosion Proof Alarm

• Meets Class 1, Division 2 Requirements
• Activated by 3/4” vapor proof flow switch
• Flashing Amber LED light @ 65 flashes per minute
• Silencing push button to shut horn off during usage
• Electro-mechanical vibrating horn, 100dB @ 10 Ft
• Electrical Supply: 120 VAC, 60 cycle single phase

The Speakman ALM3-C1D2 Alarm is a flow switch activated alarm and comes with a flashing light & horn. The unit activates when the flow of water to the fixture is detected. The ALM3-C1D2 is equipped with a silencing switch to deactivate audible and visual signals while the emergency fixture is still in operation. The ALM3-C1D2 meets Class 1 Division 2 electrical requirements.


Grey & Polished Chrome

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