Worksites can be unpredictable. When considering hazards, compliance standards and laws – selecting the right emergency equipment can be daunting. And to complicate matters further, elements like weather and plumbing can throw wrenches in your plans of designing an ANSI-compliant, OSHA-abiding workplace.

At Speakman, we understand how intimidating emergency equipment selection can be. But the fact is, if your facility features harmful or corrosive materials, a dedicated eyewash must be installed with 10-seconds travel time from that hazard.

That’s where GravityFlo comes in. Each GravityFlo Eyewash features a portable design that can be placed practically anywhere within your worksite. Plus, each model was engineered with a sizable tank to hold an appropriate amount of water for flushing without being connected to a water supply. From a compact model to a unit that functions in frigid conditions – our GravityFlo family is ideal for nearly any facility.

Discover our GravityFlo family of portable eyewashes here.

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