Every janitorial closet features harsh cleaning agents and chemicals that could cause damage to the eyes. Which means an eyewash must be installed within proximity to the closet to ensure ANSI compliance. Featuring the ability to install directly into most janitorial closets – our Eyesaver Eyewash and Service Sink Combination is the perfect solution for your workplace.

Complete, High-Performing Coverage

The Eyesaver SEF-9000 is equipped with dual spray heads to deliver comforting sprays to the eyes in the event of a chemical burn. The fixture is incredibly intuitive to use with the simple squeeze valve activation. Once activated, this unit remains functioning well beyond ANSI’s required 15 minutes by use of an automatic stay-open valve. But most importantly, the included stainless steel hose allows you to flush any affected area to the body exposed to harsh chemicals.

Only One Plumbing Supply Needed

A truly unique feature is the Eyesaver’s ability to function while using only one plumbing supply. The Eyewash connects directly to the service sink faucet which then connects to your janitorial closet’s water supply. Both fixtures can be operated independently and simultaneously, allowing for a space-saving, ergonomic solution.

Tepid Water Ready

Per ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standards, emergency equipment must deliver tepid water at all times in order for the product to provide comfortable sprays. The Eyesaver SEF-9000 is 100% tepid water ready, with the ability to connect directly to a Speakman Thermostatic Mixing Valve – ensuring tepid water is always delivered to the eyes.

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