When we began designing the Rio Hand Shower, our primary goal was to develop a fixture that anyone could enjoy. But the shower is such a unique experience because everyone enjoys it differently. It’s nearly impossible to create one spray that will be universally beloved.

With Rio, we created five spray settings, each delivering a distinct spray experience that would satisfy anyone who encountered it. Featuring Intense, Massage, Rain, Pulstate and a water-conserving Pause setting, Rio truly provides our most versatile performance to date.

Equipped with 147 Sprays

The Rio Hand Shower features more individual sprays than any shower head we’ve ever designed to date. By rotating the spray tab in either direction, you transition between each of the Rio’s spray settings. From a drenching rain setting to a powerful massage spray, Rio delivers an experience that will meet your desired shower preference on any given day.

A Commanding Design

The moment you hold the Rio in your hands, you can immediately recognize its quality. Featuring a substantial frame constructed of remarkably durable materials – the Rio Hand Shower will remain a staple in your bathroom for years to come.

Fast, Easy Set Up

Rio was designed to be installed within minutes of being removed from its boxed. With the shower bracket, hose and plumber’s tape included, all you’ll need is maybe a household wrench to easily install this shower head.

To learn more about the Rio Handheld Shower Head, click here. 

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