Equipped with three distinct spray settings and a revolutionary, impeller-powered engine, our Echo Shower Head was designed to save water without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

Exclusively Water-Saving

When we began designing Echo, our goal was to design a truly satisfying water-saving shower head. When we looked at existing low flow shower heads on the market, we were pretty underwhelmed with not only overall spray performance, but also spray patterns offered.

“With Echo, we really took an inside-out approach to design,” says Jeff Harwanko, Lead Product Designer at Speakman. “Instead of allowing the design to dictate internal components, we developed a unique spray engine first that we knew would deliver a compelling experience.”


The Echo features a unique, impeller-powered shower engine that actually enhances water pressure. As water enters into the fixture, the engine activates, infusing energy and velocity into each and every spray. The result is a powerful, intense experience that is statistically proven to outperform competitor models in both force, thermal retention and spray coverage.

Three Distinct Settings

With Echo, our goal was to provide a versatile shower experience. Featuring 84 individual streams, all it takes is a simple click of the lever to transition between full-coverage, intense and massage spray patterns. Each pattern was specifically designed to deliver its own distinct feeling and sensation, allowing anyone who interacted with Echo to be satisfied.

To learn more about the Echo Water-Saving Shower Head, click here.

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