When you think of worksites that install emergency equipment, construction sites, refineries and probably laboratories come to mind. But what about your corporate office, local grocery store, or even nail salon?

It may be surprising at first, but if your workplace features chemicals, cleaners, and other harsh agents – an adequate emergency station is not only required by law, it’s simply the responsible thing to have installed.

Eyesaver SEF-9000

Every janitorial closet features harsh chemicals and cleaners that can cause serious injuries to the eyes if exposed. Our Eyesaver SEF-9000 Eyewash and Service Faucet has been designed to fit in nearly any janitorial closet. Needing just one water supply for activation, this fixture is a simple solution for any janitorial closet.

Discover Eyesaver SEF-9000 here.

Eyesaver Classic SEF-1800-CA

With the ability to install on any widespread kitchen sink – our Eyesaver Classic is ideal for any facility in need of an eyewash. Whether it be a school, grocery store, or even a salon – this item is incredibly easy to install and features both an eyewash and faucet that function independently from each other.

Discover the Eyesaver Classic SEF-1800-CA here.

GravityFlo SE-4400

Our GravityFlo Portable Eyewash is perfect for nearly any worksite. With the ability to be wall-mounted, table-mounted, shelf-mounted or even placed on the back of a pickup truck, this item can be placed practically anywhere. From auto garages to even golf courses, this unit is an excellent solution for unique workplaces in need of an eyewash.

Discover the GravityFlo SE-4400 here.

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